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Library Administration

Library Service Pledge:

The University Library staff firmly commits itself to providing excellent service to all university students and faculty and also to its broader community of users. We recognize our users as the primary reason for our existence and pledge to demonstrate concern for all individuals in an atmosphere of professional competency.

Administration Service Pledge:

  • Serve the user most efficiently by enhancing teamwork, good communication, and mutual respect among employees
  • Address problem situations in a timely manner, in a private place, and with the appropriate person(s)
  • Enable the staff to serve the user at the highest level possible, by providing quality equipment, optimal working conditions, and adequate funding
  • Provide the highest level of service by hiring well-qualified staff and providing them with adequate training and constructive evaluative feedback
  • Provide the user with a positive and supportive learning environment

Dean: Rhonda Gonzales, (719) 549-2315

Administrative Assistant III: Kim Hunter, (719) 549-2361