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Cataloging Department

Providing bibliographic control, collection maintenance and data management of the Library’s holdings are the primary charges of the cataloging area at the University Library. We follow the provisions of the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules, 2nd ed. (AACR2) and the interpretations of the Library of Congress as stated in the Cataloging Service Bulletin.

As much as possible, the general arrangements of AACR2 will be applied when local modifications and special procedures for cataloging materials of the University Library is necessary. Individual sections of AACR2 and the Cataloging Services Bulletin may also be cited.

The University Library also participates in Online Computer Library Center (OCLC), an online system used for cataloging and other library services. Whenever possible, OCLC cataloging services will be utilized. All copy cataloging will be first searched, located and obtained from OCLC database. Likewise, all original cataloging will be uploaded into OCLC databases. OCLC documentation is available in their manuals.

The University Library currently utilizes Innovative Interface Inc. Millennium as online catalog. The online catalog contains complete bibliographic records of all University Library items cataloged since 1975.

Department Staff

Cataloging Librarian: temporarily vacant (719) 549-2331, LARC 325

Cataloging Assistant: Veronica Santistevan, (719) 549-2680, LARC 324A