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Fines Schedule

Overdue Book Charge $.25 per day, per item
Maximum Fine/Late Book $15 per item
Maximum Fine/Late Government Document $10.00 per item
Reserve Fine (no maximum fine) $1.00 for first hour; $.50, add'l hours
Audiovisual Fine $5.00 for first day; $1.00, add'l days
Maximum Late Audiovisual Charge $35.00
Maximum Audiovisual Fine Accumulation $10.00 (Important! If your audiovisual fine has accumulated to $10.00, you may not check out any additional videos until your fine is paid - no exceptions
Lost or Damaged audiovisual Material (or Current Library Replacement Cost) $75.00 per item

Important! If audiovisual material is overdue for a month, it will be declared lost and the patron will be charged the current library replacement cost.