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Two students repairing a car in an automotive industry class.The University Archives is the repository of the historically valuable records of Colorado State University-Pueblo from its beginnings in 1933 as San Isabel Junior College to its present incarnation as a four year state university. The University Archives collects the records of academic departments at CSUP, university and student publications, and pursues the private papers of administrators, faculty members, and other individuals closely associated with the University. The University Archives supports the teaching, research, and service missions of the university by acquiring, organizing and promoting the use of these archival collections.

List of Record Groups


ACCH: Colorado Commission on Higher Education 
ABOG: Board of Governors

Nursing faculty teaching a class circa 1965.


APRE: President’s Office
APRO:  Provost and Office of Academic Affairs
AFIN: Office of Finance and Administration
ACOD: Council of Deans
AFAC: Faculty Senate
ACEC: Classified Employees Advisory Council
AATH: Athletics Department
ACAP:  Curriculum and Academic Programs Advisory Board
AFOU: CSU-Pueblo Foundation
AEXT: Office of External Affairs
AITS: Information Technology Services
AMUC: Multicultural Council
AIRA:  Office of Institutional Research & Analysis
ASPR: Office of Sponsored Programs and Research
AREC: Admissions and Records
ADIR: Campus Directories  


AGRA: Graduate School
ACSM: College of Science and Mathematics
AHSB: Hasan School of Business
AEEP: College of Education, Engineering, and Professional Studies
AHSS: College of Humanities and Social Sciences
ALIB: University Library
ACON: Continuing Education

Organizations and Events

APTK: Phi Theta Kappa
AHER: Las Hermanas
AFWC: Faculty Women’s Club
AOWA: Outstanding Woman Awards
ACOM: Commencement
ATSC: KTSC television and radio station

Student Life, Yearbooks and Student Publications

ATSA: Tsanti Yearbooks
ATOD: CSU-Pueblo Today
AHUN: Hungry Eye
ATHU: Thunder Wolf Press
AASG: Associated Student Government
AOSL: Office of Student Life
CSU-Pueblo Audiovisual materials
APHO: Photographs and Negatives
AMOT: Motion picture film and video
AAUD: Audio tape