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Services for CSU-Pueblo Authors/Creators

For authors/creators wishing to submit into the repository, staff in the Library will assist you by:

  • Consulting with you regarding how to check the copyright permissions associated with your published work;
  • Uploading your work into the repository and providing metadata (descriptive information);
  • Verifying and including the citation/publication details of your work within its metadata;
  • Converting any MS Word file/s to PDF format (if required and appropriate) for storage and access within the repository;
  • Exposing your publication in the repository to make it available to the global research community and discoverable via the Internet, e.g. Google, Google Scholar, etc.;
  • Abiding by and managing any embargos associated with your publication or work.

CSU-Pueblo library faculty and staff can also assist you in determining the policies of publishers with regard to their copyright agreements with authors.

Used with permission from CSU Libraries Digital Repository page