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Library Liaisons & Subject Specialists

The Library Liaison Program

The University Library assigns a library faculty member to be the liaison to each academic department. The library liaisons work closely with the departments to ensure that library collections support the teaching and research needs of the faculty and students in that department. They also work with the department to develop and facilitate student learning outcomes related to information literacy and library research.

Engineering Tech/AIM/CM Ronda Gettel/Sandy Hudock
Engineering Rhonda Gettel/Sandy Hudock
EXHPR Karen Pardue
Nursing Karen Pardue
Teacher Education Kevin Seeber
Art Sandy Hudock
History/Geography Karen Pardue
Political Science Kevin Seeber
Philosophy Sandy Hudock
English/Foreign Language Sandy Hudock
Mass Communications/New Media Bev Allen
Music Bev Allen
Psychology Rhonda Gonzales
Social Work Kevin Seeber
Sociology/Anthropology/Social Science Kevin Seeber
Chicano Studies Bev Allen
Women's Studies Bev Allen
Biology Ronda Gettel
Chemistry Ronda Gettel
Math/Physics Ronda Gettel
Management/Marketing Sally LaJoie
Accounting/Economics/Finance Sally LaJoie
Computer Information Systems Sally LaJoie