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Acquisitions Policies

  • The library faculty will request input from departmental faculty members regarding appropriate purchases for the library collection. However, the library faculty is responsible for collection management and therefore will make all final decisions.
  • The primary focus of the library collection will be to support the undergraduate and graduate curriculum of the University. As funds allow, materials will also be purchased that support faculty research.
  • Duplicate purchasing is an exception and is not a normal procedure.
  • Journals will be obtained in electronic format whenever possible. When online access to a journal is available through another library subscription, the print journal will not normally be purchased.
  • Textbooks, manuals and workbooks are not generally considered for purchase.
  • Rare books are generally acquired through donations and gifts, however the library faculty may consider developing special collections that support the curriculum.
  • Out of print materials can be acquired only with the approval of the Acquisitions Librarian.
  • Specialized and expensive materials will only be purchased after other area library holdings are consulted to avoid duplication.

Purchase Request:

Faculty should submit requests to the Library Liaison assigned to your department by using the online form located under "Make a Request". All required (*) lines should be filled in. If you have questions, please contact your Library Liaison.

Discarding Policy:

Discarding is an integral part of maintaining a healthy Library collection. Titles with low use and obsolete titles are routinely withdrawn from the collection. Badly damaged copies are reevaluated and removed, rebound, or reordered.

Gift Policy:

  • Gifts to the Library may be either materials or monetary.
  • All donations are tax deductible, subject to the current tax laws pertaining to the gift.
  • Only the Collection Development Librarian is permitted to accept gifts on be half of the University Library
  • Gifts will only be accepted under the following conditions:
    1. The University Library retains unconditional ownership of the gift.
    2. The University Library reserves the right to make decisions about the use, display, housing, access and disposition of the gift.
  • Due to IRS regulations, the Donor is responsible for establishing a monetary value for the gift.

For more information, please contact the Collection Development Librarian, (719) 549-2558.

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